Arkansas Autism Partnership
                                          A Medicaid Waiver Program
NORTH LITTLE ROCK- The Arkansas Autism Partnership has applications available for a statewide,
intensive intervention program for young children with a confirmed medical diagnosis of autism.
Children must be between the ages of 18 months and five years (must enter the program before their
5th birthday but can continue to receive services up to their 7th birthday).

They must also meet the financial and level of care eligibility requirements.
This is a statewide program offering one to one intervention in the home for 20 to 30 hours per week.
This program is designed to improve the child’s skills in the areas of communication, socialization,
self- care and behavior. Parental participation is necessary.

During the pilot phase of this program, a limited number of children will be served. Initially, 100 children
will be phased in over the first year. Additional children will receive services as openings are available.  
Enrollment is dependent upon meeting all eligibility requirements.
For more information or to receive an application packet, contact the Arkansas Autism Partnership at
1-800-342-2923.  Applications for the first 100 children are still being accepted.