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TOGETHER, we can make a
"Together, we CAN solve this mystery...
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IMPOSSIBLE is not a word...
just a reason for someone not to try.
UPDATED:  October 29, 2014
Every 20 minutes...
A child is diagnosed with an
Autism Spectrum Disorder.  

In Arkansas, 1:93 boys and
1:345 girls have ASD.
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A wonderful
encouragement tool ....
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Autism Family,

I have looked for years to find something that would cross Autism and Spirituality together
in one book.  I know there are many out there, but this one is a devotional-type with a 40
day outline.  I especially like this one due to the scripture reference and the
encouragement provided on the journey to PEACE.  It describes a Means to a Way, the
means being scripture reading and prayer to a way of PEACE and HOPE.  This mother has
done a great job with her outline and personal stories in this book.  Don’t get me wrong,
Autism is very complicated and can have extreme variations from one child to another, but
we have all walked in the same shoes at one time or another.  I find that encouragement
and HOPE is what keeps us going.  This is a “Right Foot Tool”, gets your day started out
right and gives you guidance and a great reference “The Bible” to keep your thoughts.  I
personally could not have stayed on the journey without my spiritual relationship and the
encouragement and HOPE that it has brought to my family.  I have learned to have Faith,
Trust, and Obey the word of GOD.  It can bring you PEACE when you don’t know what the
next piece in your puzzle will be.  I hope this will help someone along your journey know
that you are not walking alone and there is HOPE!!  It is something that I wish I had found
years ago, but better late than never!!!

Although we may not have on the same pair right now, we have walked in the….
~Same Ole Shoes

****Miracles Still Happen*****
****Prayer will get you Through******
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REGISTER TODAY for one (or both) of the following workshops on
November 14th and 15th in North Little Rock
featuring Dr. Erik Carter of Vanderbilt University
(registration for each day must be completed separately -
see workshop descriptions in the attached document for details)
Erik Carter, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Kennedy Center
Vanderbilt University
Department of Special
Workshop:  Including People with Disabilities in
Faith Communities:
On Welcoming Well
Saturday, November 15th, 2014, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00
First Assembly of God North Little Rock

Audience:  Families of individuals with disabilities, their extended family and friends;
ministers/pastors, support staff, and congregants of all faiths; educators; clinicians; general public

Click HERE to register:  $10.00 per person (includes lunch)

Sessions within the Day:

•        Incomplete without You: The Church and People with Disabilities (casting a vision)
•        Starting Points and Possibilities (reflecting on your welcome and accessibility and creating a
plan to move forward)
•        Better Together: Designing Inclusive Programming for Children and Youth
•        The Other Six Days: Supporting People with Disabilities and Their Families After the Benediction

Questions?  Email Brian Dollar at BDollar@FirstNLR.com
or call (501) 758-8553
Workshop:  Promoting Inclusion for Students with
Autism/Disabilities and
Preparing for Transition to Adulthood
Friday, November 14th, 2014, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
First Assembly of God North Little Rock

Audience:  General education professionals, special education professionals, school
administrators & support staff, medical & allied health professionals, and parents/families
(AR Department of Education professional development credit is available for this

Click HERE to register:  $90.00 per person (includes box lunch)