Hope & Encouragement:
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To All of those who have been impacted and will be impacted by Autism:

It is time to recognize this epidemic and give it the emphasis it deserves.  No matter if you are a parent,
relative, therapist, teacher, or just a friend to someone who has autism or know a family that does, YOU
can make a difference.  

When you come in contact with someone whose life is impacted by this puzzling illness, take a
moment to provide them with encouragement, HOPE, and even offer to say a Prayer with them.  It is
really tough to hang on during some of the “STORMS” that occur during the course of this illness.
There is something you can do that will cost nothing: Give them encouragement and say a Prayer for
them, let them know that there is HOPE and the possibilities are not in our control.  No person can
predict or determine where our children will end up or what they will do over the course of their life.   
So when we hear the word “NEVER” just remember---- that is a guess.  We should be ambassadors of
HOPE; not -robbers of it.  

There is no person that can determine the fate of our
families or our children, there is only one GOD and HE
is in control.  The word “NEVER” is not in HIS
vocabulary.  Every choice and opportunity is ours.  It
does take a special commitment and relationship to get
peace with your situation; most of the time things are
in an uproar or in constant turmoil without this.  The
support and comfort that I received was through the
relationship with the Lord and what was done on that
Cross.   I know I could not have done this alone.  
Without that submission and support spiritually,  the
whole thing could have unraveled.  I am thankful that in
the nick of time, I asked for relief and turned this over
to HIM.  

There will be tough days and sometimes weeks, but in
the end, HE makes no mistakes and HIS will is
unquestionable.  We need HOPE and we need to know
that no matter who is physically around us--
we do not
walk alone.
 He is only a prayer away and line is never
busy.  So if you are out there and feel like you have
nobody--- just call on Jesus.  I know that I have learned
to CELEBRATE  the “small stuff”:  like independence
of tooth brushing, making choices and also just being
able to express themselves.  All of this is HUGE and is
a great stride from going two years without a
communication sound--only a cry.   It went from
holding on during the meltdowns to smiles and hugs
now. Those are BIG things and no matter who we are
we should appreciate the blessings we have and

I hope this finds you well and encourages you to know: you are not
alone and you never walk alone.
 I am very thankful for now knowing
the meaning of unconditional love and truly celebrating the small stuff
which is "BIG Stuff" at our house.  I share this not as someone on the
outside looking in, but someone who wears the…….

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