GFCF Diet:
(Gluten Free Casein Free)


The bad news: This diet, for the first month or two, will make you crazy. The good
news: This feeling will go away and it will become 2 nd nature to your life.
Everywhere you will travel with your child in tow with a small cooler with all of the
foods you need. (We even call ahead to restaurants and present the pre-prepared
food the restaurant manager to heat up and serve with our meals!! Even attending
family functions is a breeze. This includes careful instructions to wash hands and
not mix with any other restaurant foods.)

Why we do this diet: it will make your child more healthy than ever before and will not
hurt the child. You cannot lose! Here are the steps I would do to help organize your
life around this very complex, worthwhile hurtle of the GF/CF diet.

Keep in mind - the GF/CF diet helps 85% of the children out there in improving
everything about their learning disabilities and overall well being. This includes
speech, better bowel movements than before, better sleep patterns, less cranky
behaviors, less stimmy behaviors, less in a fog / daze look and more ready to learn
than ever before. (Wow, how nice all these items are!!)

The best navigate this diet, it is recommended to acquire these four books:
(read them in the order presented - study them!)

Unraveling the Mystery of Autism - Karyn Seroussi (great story with some
worthwhile recipes)

Biological Treatments for Autism & PDD - Dr. William Shaw

Special Diets for Special Kids - Lisa Lewis - (great recipes)

Special Foods for Special Kids - Todd Edelson - (great recipes)

To keep abreast of the latest information on the diet, subscribe to the ANDI News
letter. This has some great info on a quarterly basis on how to be GF CF and stay

Get your child’s allergies tested - a blood test called the IgG and IgE. You need to find
a pediatrician that will do this or an allergist’s doctor that performs both of these
tests. Both tests are NECESSARY.

If you can, get your hands on the Summer 2000 ANDI newsletter it explains this
allergy testing in DETAIL that I cannot believe. This is very important because your
child could be allergic to the GF/CF foods you supplement with! Make sure you start
on the right foot.

Get the peptides test from Great Plains labs. - this
will tell you what problems your child has. For example - high yeast growth,
intolerance to GF CF foods, calcium or ZINC or other deficiencies. This will help you
plan what supplements you need and what internally is going on with your child.

Another lab is Great Smokies Lab – Both do great jobs and are very

When you remove casein that removes an important thing: CALCIUM. Get the
supplements you require to “balance” your child’s GF/CF diet. You may wish to
supplement your child's diet with daily doses of: Cod Liver Oil, Magnesium, Calcium,
Zinc, TMG or SuperNuThera (no dyes or added flavors is the best formula - new &
improved formula), and ProBioGold (Acidophilous). All of these are available from
Kirkman labs . These folks are patient, answer all your
questions and are a GOD SEND.

Once you start the diet, an important follow up step is to obtain Allergy testing. Many
times once you remove foods from the diet and add in new foods – new allergens
can be introduced. The
TACA web site has additional information on allergy testing
off the MEDICAL link.

Adding foods that are new to their system is important to do slowly. It is
recommended to add one new food every 3-7 days.

Last piece of advice - it is very important to Live the diet. 95% of the people I have
known have seen results typically in 2-3 months. Some unfortunate folks have to
wait a year. Typically the 1 st month is the hardest due the child rebelling from the
new foods.  You must do the diet 100% or all your hard work is wasted. Please give
yourself an adequate time to test the diet and coordinate with your doctor on that
timeline. Do not give up on the diet!

I know this sounds like a lot of work. Take 1 day / 1 week / 1 month at a time. How we
got started is just by starting!!

Other hints:

a) It is important to keep and food and behaviors journal. Track all intake and yes
outake (did he do good “poops” today or were they runny and icky.)

b) Do not introduce things all at once ! Go slow! IT is easier to track down a problem
when they are introduced slowly - one at a time.

c) Read all food labels. When in doubt - make it your self. Any unquestionable
ingredients are probably not good for them.

d) Watch for face and bottom rashes. This is how something is telling you “this is not

Again… take it slow. Know you are on the same boat as
THOUSANDS of other families and it will ALL come together.
Sample Diet Schedule Link
Local places to purchase GFCF items:
Please let us know of other places in the Central AR area...

Little Rock:

Whole Foods Market (formerly Wild Oats)
Drug Emporium


Nutrition World


Ann's Health Food Store
Another great website is:
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interest to the autism community. The information comes from a
variety of sources and does not independently
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medical advice. Always consult your child's doctor regarding his or her
individual needs.